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Value Add Investments


Local Operators

We've been investing and building strategic relationships with brokers, lenders, and vendors in our backyard for over 15+ years. 

Data Driven

Conservative Forecasts

Every project is thoroughly vetted and underwritten to ensure we make data driven decisions that will mitigate as much risk as possible.



We visit our projects daily during renovation and biweekly once repositioned.  With an extensive  construction background, we ensure projects are running efficiently


Returns over last Decade

We are proud to say that everyone of our past projects have returned over a 20%+ ROI / IRR. Our holds have returned 10%+ Cash on Cash returns after recapitalization.



La Jolla Pacific Consultants LLC (LJPC) is a privately held investment firm established in 2015, focused on value-add, income producing investment opportunities throughout Southern California. LJPC targets high-yield passive cash flow and short-term capital appreciation through strategic acquisition and superior asset management. 

With over 25  years of real estate experience, La Jolla Pacific Consultants LLC is capitalizing on opportunities created by market conditions to own value-add investment properties in workforce housing locations. Our target properties generate strong ongoing cash-flow income after repositioning as well as long-term wealth potential. Our success and reputation has been built on conservatism, ethics, passion, attention to detail, responsibility, and our belief that trust starts and ends with honesty and integrity.

While the market has come back strong since the Great Recession, our strict investment criteria along with the current economic environment, presents a unique and continued opportunity to acquire quality real estate assets in prime locations at prices which are conservatively underwritten with exciting yet realistic growth and appreciation expectations. We expect these opportunities to increase in the coming years as climbing interest rates and changing market conditions will force some properties on the market at lower prices.


Our strategy is to smartly and patiently acquire, manage and operate value-add real estate assets that generate high-yielding, passive cash flows. We aim to position ourselves and our partners to be able to seize the opportunity to acquire opportunities in any market condition achieving strong, short-term cash flow as well as upside potential and appreciation.

Deal Flow Advantage

Cultivated Relationships

Over the last 10 years, LJPC has established strategic relationships with every major brokerage company in San Diego. The cultivated relationships shown below have enabled LJPC first look opportunities at off-market properties once any seller has an interest to sell. As a result, LJPC receives two to four deals on a weekly basis.


Targeted Marketing

LJPC has tested a variety of direct-to- seller marketing initiatives to determine the most effective and cost- efficient strategy. This had led to a proven marketing approach with an above market response rate. LJPC relies on three major channels to achieve consistent off-market opportunities. 

  • Direct Mail Marketing

  • Internet Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing


Quick Closing Capital

The most valuable tool for achieving our targeted returns is the ability to offer an “all cash, quick close in less than 30 days”. This ability allows us to separate our offers  from 90 percent of the competition and acquire properties at an attractive discount. By investing in our backyard, we have the ability to determine suitable acquisitions faster than the majority of our  competitors.

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Acquisition Criteria

Target Size

$500k - $10,000,000

Asset Type

  • B+ to C- Multi-Family (5-30 Units)

  • Mixed Use Buildings

  • Industrial / Commerical Yards

  • Residential / 2-4 Units / ADU Capability

  • Auction Properties

  • Burned Down Houses

  • Homes w/adjacent buildable lots

  • Multi-family zoned lots (20+ Units)

Target Market

San Diego County

Location Areas

  • Workforce Housing

  • Strong Demographics

  • Economic Diversity

  • Up and coming neighborhoods

  • Centrally located 

  • Close to thoroughfares 

  • Low crime areas

General Criteria

  • Potential High Yield Income Streams

  • Value Add to Opportunistic Opportunities

Targeted Investor Returns

  • 15-25%+ Annualized Returns

  • 2x Equity Multiple for longer term holds

  • 15%+ Recapitalized Cash on Cash Returns

Investment Period

< 24 Months (Short to Medium)

* 50%+ cash out of initial capital if refinance

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