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Our diverse experience and broad exposure to real estate sectors means that we can deliver valuable perspectives to help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them. We will work as an extension of your team to evaluate new deals or act as a sounding board for decisions. 

Initial Real Estate Consultation | FREE


LJPC prides itself with helping its clients with all aspects of Real Estate. 
Send us any Real Estate need  and together we will provide a  detailed solution with a mapped out plan on how to achieve your goal. From navigating a first time home buyer to providing financial modeling on an acquisition for a developer, we will prepare a proposal to ensure that you are positioned to succeed.

Real Estate Cash Flow Evaluation | FREE

LJPC has performed analysis on thousands of multifamily and commercial buildings to find ways to maximize the cash flow coming from each property. We will perform a Free Cash Flow Evaluation to see how we can implement the best and cost effective strategies within our evaluation report that outlines our recommended best practices to achieve an increase in cash flow.

Cash Flow Evaluation to include
  • Market Rent Survey
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Expense Review
  • Property Management Efficiencies
  • Best Loan Options
  • Other Income Implementation
  • And More...

Acquisition Services | Fee Fixed at 1-5% Acquisition Price (Upfront Engagement Fee Required)

LJPC specializes in providing in depth analysis on potential acquisitions utilizing data driven techniques. All Acquisition Services include but not limited to:

  • Site Feasibility

  • Zoning Review

  • Comparable Analysis

  • Crime Report

  • Demographic Analysis

  • Site Inspection

  • Renovation Budgeting

  • Comparable Analysis

  • Debt Structuring / Sourcing

  • Equity Structuring

  • Financial Modeling

  • Exit Strategy

  • Deal Structuring

  • Asset Plan

  • Rent Survey

  • Full Marketing Package

  • Securities Compliance

  • And More

ADU Financial Analysis |  $475.00 per property

LJPC will complete a full financial analysis for home owners or ADU Contractors to see what they can expect by building an Accessory Dwelling Unit. This analysis will provide our client with the following:

  • Rent income expectations for both existing home + ADU + combined 

  • How much additional equity to expect after built

  • Breakeven year that ADU will pay for itself

  • Income Analysis with current home expenses

  • Overall Return on Investment (ROI)


Single Family Residence Evaluation |  $1,000.00 per property (50% upfront 50% upon an accepted offer)

LJPC can save you $25,000 - $100,000+ by giving you every bit of information prior to making one of the largest investments of your life. Before you submit an offer for your primary residence, let LJPC complete a thorough evaluation of any Single Family Residence to ensure you have a non bias opinion from a third party that does not care about a commission but the success of a favorable purchase price. This evaluation will provide our client with the following:

  • Property Details

  • Parcel Maps

  • Crime Reports

  • Neighbor Identification

  • Schools

  • Recommended Offer Structure

  • Thorough Sales Comparisons

  • Thorough Rent Survey

  • Building potential on existing home

  • Much more

Contact Us before you make one of the biggest investments of your life


Acquisition . Marketing . Debt . Resale Packages | $750 - $10,000 

LJPC constructs a variety of different packages for use with  internal asset planning, debt providers, equity providers, and property sale marketing. These packages will include all necessary analysis for SFR Fix and Flip to Commercial Developments. CONTACT US FOR CUSTOMIZED PRICE QUOTE

Single Family Residence | $550+       2-4 Units | $1,500+      Multifamily | $2,500+    Development | $5,000+


*Perfect for owners / investors looking to sell an asset in house without expensive brokerage representation.

  • Renovation Budgeting

  • Hi Definition Photos

  • Drone Video 

  • Any Additional Information

  • Financial Modeling

  • Cash Flow Proforma(s)

  • Debt Recapitalization 

  • Exit Strategies

  • Location Highlights

  • Descriptions

  • Sales Comparables

  • Rent Survey

  • Table Of Contents

  • Overview

  • Property Highlights

  • Investment Highlights


Asset Management | $2,500+/mo 

LJPC will provide mo. project management of your vendors on a weekly basis ensuring your property is on track and on budget. In addition LJPC creates weekly and monthly reporting to highlight any construction progress, new comparables, new leasing, and new market factors to position the asset for a successful exit and / or  achieve financial stability. 

Single Family Residence | $2,500/mo   2-4 Units | $3,000/mo  Multifamily | $5,000/mo  Development | $7,500/mo

* Partial fees can be deferred to the resale of the property or converted to a minority equity ownership carve out.

* Perfect for owners / investors looking to reposition Value Add properties and leverage their time

* Perfect for Traditional / Private / Hard Money Lenders taking back properties and in need of an experienced operator.

Disposition Consulting & Valuation Report | Flat Fee 

LJPC has negotiated over 100+ successful transactions and can provide valuable consulting throughout all aspects of the transaction to any owner / investor looking to sale their property by themselves. LJPC will provide a detailed valuation report for listing guidance.  

Single Family Residence | $1,000+                        2-4 Units | $3,000                      Multifamily | $5,000 



Acquisition . Transformation Marketing Services

LJPC can encompass a handful of marketing initiatives that are catered towards investor objectives. These marketing channels include:

Direct Mail Marketing:       Data Mined / Scrubbed Mailing List |$500+      Manage Campaign | TBD

LJPC will understand the target market that each investor is looking  to communicate to and data mine public records to compose a customized mailing list to distribute mailer  as many times as needed. LJPC will draft up engaging letters with complimenting envelopes to utilize in the mass mailing scheme. If needed, once strategy in complete, LJPC will connect investor to its preferred distribution vendor to execute campaign.

360 Virtual Tours  | Starting at $99 


Great for agents / investors / contractors. Our 360 virtual tours let you virtually walk any property or project from your office. Our team will go out and capture a 360 view of every position of your property with detail and precision. Great for leasing out apartments or to capture a property during renovation or to share the current state of property with your investors. 

Drone Lifestyle Video "Before & After | Contact Us For Pricing


Perfect for developers, flippers,commercial or multifamily re-positioners. LJPC will have its videographers go to the property site to shoot up close and afar via a high performance drone to showcase the transformation of before and after. Our videographers will also venture into designated lifestyle areas to compliment the project bringing everything together in one video.


Joint Venture | Equity Participation

LJPC achieves alignment with its clients by structuring an equity carve out  to minimize upfront and management costs. With equity participation, LJPC provides a wide spectrum of specialized services and utilizes its vast resources to maximize profitability on every deal.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Joint Venture Participation

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