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Joint Venture Opportunity

LJPC achieves alignment with its clients by structuring an equity carve out  to minimize upfront and management costs. With equity participation, LJPC provides a wide spectrum of specialized services and utilizes its vast resources to maximize profitability on every deal.

Scope of Work

​Acquisition Duties

  • Deal Structuring

  • Capital Structuring

  • Capital Sourcing

  • Underwriting

  • Negotiation

  • Managing Escrow

  • And More

​Asset Management Duties

  • Project Management

  • Managing Property Mgmt.

  • Managing Construction Mgmt.

  • Investor Reporting

  • Managing Accounting

  • Maximize Valuation

  • And More

Disposition Duties

  • Analyze Market Condition

  • Prepare Offering Memo

  • Market to Exit Buyers

  • Source Buyer

  • Source and Manage Recapitalization

  • And More

Entity Structure

LJPC will formally enter into a single purpose entity as a general partner through an outlined Operating Agreement to execute necessary scope of work. Equity carve out will be based on how much value creation LJPC can bring to the table. 


How it Works


Interested in a Joint Venture Opportunity?

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