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Joint Venture Opportunity

We are offering clients an opportunity to maximize their properties value with no out of pocket expenses or headaches. Take advantage of our data driven expertise and local vendor relationships to position your property to sell at full value in today's market.

How it works

LJPC looks to allign with clients in a Joint Venture structure where we will approach the property to see how we can maximize the property through deferred maintenance or management inefficiencies in preparation for resale. Once we put together our asset plan, we will execute this plan with our preferred vendors to increase the property value to its highest value at disposition.



Once the property sells, the proceed distributions are as follows:


1) Property owner gets pre-renovation value  from sale proceeds.


2) LJPC will get back its costs put in for renovations. 


3) Additional proceeds will be split 50/50. 


"As Is" Value       = $1,000,000

Renovations       = $   150,000  *LJPC Pays

Sold Price            = $1,500,000

Net Profit            = $   350,000


Property Owner   = Property Value  +    50% Net Profit

                                   $1,000,000               $175,000

Property Owner Nets Additional $175,000

minus sales cost with no out of pocket expenses and no headaches.

* For demonstration purposes only. Actual results may vary

Our Process

Step 1. We will evaluate the property income and expenses aswell as the current physical condition to determine an "As Is" valuation.

Step 2. We will utilize market rents, comparables, and market outlook to determine the properties maximum value after renovation.

Step 3. We will provide the owner with a proposal of our "as is" value, asset plan, time frame, and targeted resale price.

Step 4. If the proposed terms make sense for our client, we will have straight forward Joint venture documents drafted up for review and agreement.

Step 5. After docs are signed, we will begin to execute our business plan and prepare for disposition of the property at an optimal value.


Interested in maximizing your properties value?

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