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San Diego Apartment Buyer

Sell Apartment Building in San Diego, CA

We Buy San Diego, CA Apartment building properties - We are Apartment Building Buyers.

We are not brokers and we are not interested in listing your apartment building ....we are principal investors and we want to buy your property.


Contact Us Today to learn what we can offer you

Recent Purchase | Before & After

Investment Strategy

We focus on and buy smaller 5-30 Unit apartment buildings in Southern California including San Diego and Los Angeles that enable us to utilize our local experience in maximizing every properties value. We only buy properties where we can add significant value through renovating the interior and exteriors of the existing buildings or by establishing and maintaining property management efficiencies.

What we are looking for     

  • Damaged Roofs

  • Old Windows

  • Plumbing Issues

  • Electrical Issues

  • Water Damage

  • Mold Issues

  • Foundation issues

  • Any other physical issues

  • Adjacent parcels to property

  • Low rents

  • Property Management issues

  • Workforce housing areas

  • Any unit mix

  • Any lease terms

  • Mixed Use Ok

  • Development Opportunities

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Are you planning to sell apartment building(s) in San Diego?

Check out below how we can provide value in buying your SD Apartment building

General Criteria

La Jolla Pacific Consultants philosophy is to buy "Undervalued San Diego Apartments." 

- Potential for increasing rental income by a minimum of 35%

- "Actual Cap rate" is irrelevant as we are looking at future income
- We can purchase San Diego apartments in two ways:

  “All Cash”  or "Seller Financing" 
- Preferable off market properties.

- Broker properties maybe welcomed.
- We can pay full "as is" retail value with
 favorable seller financing terms.

Reasons to Sell San Diego Apartment

Every situation is different. We provide win / win solutions for every seller. 

- Time to Cash out

- Balloon loan Payment coming up
- Trading up to larger investment property

- Divorce
- Bankruptcy

- Estate Sell
- Economic Conditions

- Don't want to deal with tenants anymore

Why Sell to Us vs Sell San Diego Apartment Building on Market?

We have built a reputation on being fair, straight forward, and sensitive to each sellers needs. Acting as principals and not intermediaries, sellers have the peace of mind of dealing directly with a real proven buyer. We have found  that most apartment sellers have certain timing requirements whether its sourcing a 1031 replacement property, tax implications or having to sell their apartment within 14 days. We have the resources to close when it makes sense and provide a hassle free transaction.

We are local San Diego operators and love to do business in person. Contact us today to schedule a meeting. Coffee is on us!

Top 10 Advantages
  • Offer within 48 hours 

  • $500 Non-refundable upon accepted offer

  • Close whenever you need to

  • We pay closing costs

  • No paying commissions​

  • We are Local Operators

  • Smooth property management transition

  • Never disrupt current tenants

  • Discreet closing

  • We can recommend vetted professionals

    • 1031 Qualified Intermediaries​

    • Real Estate Attorneys

    • Recommended Off Market Properties

Planning to Sell San Diego Apartment Building Fast?

Call or Text Us Today to get a qualified offer within 48 Hours


***We check our email constantly***
Our Process
Open Laptop

You Contact Us

Once you contact us or submit our form, our acquisition team performs a thorough rent survey to see the potential increase of income for the property.

Work Break

We Contact You

If we can create significant value through our resources, we will contact you with a "Letter of Intent"outlining purchase terms.

Reaching a Deal

We Both Align Interest

If we come to an agreement on terms and execute agreement, we will open up escrow and release $500 nonrefundable to you as good faith payment.  We will finalize our due diligence and prepare to close when needed.

Looking for a replacement property for your San Diego Apartment you are selling? 

Here are five of the best websites to search after you sell your San Diego apartment building (s)

Loopnet | San Diego Multifamily / San Diego Apartment Building largest listing site


Check out LoopNet's San Diego Apartment Buildings page If you're looking for a listing website to shop for San Diego Apartment Buildings for Sale. This Apartment building selling website has all listings for San Diego Multifamily properties throughout the county. Great place to search for san diego income properties.

San-Diego-Apartment-Buildings.png | Marketed as the "The Premier Resource for Apartment Buildings FOR SALE!"


Check out page for San Diego Apartment Buildings  If you're looking for a listing website to shop for local San Diego Apartment Buildings as well as for out of state properties Sale. currently services AZ, CA, TX, FL, & NY. Great resource for a replacement property after you sell San Diego Multifamily property.


City Feet | Great resource to find all different type of commercial properties for sale


Check out page for San Diego Apartment Buildings  If you're looking for a listing website to shop for local San Diego Apartment Buildings as well as commercial properties. apt buyer.png | Find a San Diego multifamily building to buy 


Check out page for San Diego Apartment Buildings  Find hundreds of properties that make sense for your replacement property on


Call or Text Us Today to get a qualified offer within 48 Hours


Planning on holding or selling  apartment building and need help?

Ways we can bring value to you as an owner

  • Project management for renovations
    • We have qualified crews we use and can manage to fix up your apartment​.
  • Asset Management Consulting
    • Let us consult you on the best ways to optimize your apartment building's value​ an advise on best property management practices
  • Disposition Consulting
    • We can give you an unbiased opinion of value and what "realistic" price you can sell your property in its current  condition.​
    • We can give insight to the local apartment market as well as debt markets.
  • General Apartment Building Consulting
    • Have a need? Let us help

We can bring value in many ways

We own apartments ourselves and deal with the same obstacles you might be facing when deciding to hold or sell apartment building in San Diego. Whether you are an apartment owner with a 1,000 units or 5 units in San Diego, we have the resources to help you succeed in every aspect of apartment building ownership. We are not only apartment buyers here in San Diego, but real estate consultants that have a reputation to bring value to every client. Because we are not acting as real estate agents and not concerned about making a commission, we can bring "true value" as a consultant in a non-bias role. If you sell or hold, it doesn't matter to us, we hope to position you to succeed.

Let us see how we can help you succeed.

“Fernando and his team were incredibly professional and made selling our property hassle free without disturbing our current tenants. He also provided enough time to source our replacement property and recommended valuable resources to assist .”

Collins Family

Real Estate Owner

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